Spreker – Ruben van der Leun

Spreker bio

Starting at a very young age with GW-Basic, Ruben knew that software development would play an important part of his life. After graduating from college, he jumped headfirst into browser-based development. Starting his own company called Leunix as a freelancer, he is helping developing various mobile and web projects, using Java/Typescript, PHP and .NET.

However, his first experience with VR at the HCC Beurs at a very young age would also play an integral role in his future. When VR became a hot item again in 2012, he held off from buying development kits and focused on phone-based HMDs like the Durovis Dive and Google Cardboard, before getting more experience with the HTC Vive later. As co-founder of the Reality Lab, he’s ready to develop for and discuss the topic with anyone willing to listen.

Werkzaam als freelancer
Twitter: @rvdleun
Blog: http://www.rvdleun.nl