Hi everybody,

Our first Mixed Reality Hackathon of this year!

This time we are going to do something really awesome. The idea is taking an old board game and transform it to a Mixed Reality app.

Because the diversity of possible platforms we allow people to select from HoloLens, Immersive Headset or other. Myself will bring two HoloLens devices with me and an Samsung immersive headset. So if you do not have a device, don’t worry!

It is important that you use the specifics of that platform. So for example “game of goose” (ganzenbord) where the wearer of the HoloLens is actually the goose moving across the board.

Since the hackathon is only one day, you do not need to implement the complete game and graphics. Just see how far you can go.

As always at the end we demonstrate the creations to each other and we arrange a price for the best idea!

Depending on the size of the group we divide people into groups of 2 or 3 people.

Food and snacks are arranged! If you have any specific diet or requests please let us know!

You can sign up here!

See you all next week on saturday!

The Mixed Reality User Group Team


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